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Image by Farhad Ibrahimzade


To our valued consumer community:

We can’t thank you enough for supporting the product, but also, for supporting the mission; “Healing Trauma one bottle at a time.”

We know that the Global Pandemic (Covid-19 virus), can add stress to an already stressful world; we hope that Grandma Irma Sauces can help keep you company by bringing in savory flavors to inspire a healing method of blissful cooking.

Valuing our customers and ensuring that we practice exceptional customer service is one of the primary focuses in our business model. Health and safe practices during manufacturing, packing and shipping our products are responsibilities we hold to the highest accountability. The team of Grandma Irma Sauces follow CDC practices to stay healthy and safe.

Your support of this company is greatly appreciated and we value you!

- The Flemings

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