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  • What happens if my order is damaged?
    Our goal is aimed at first resolution to ensure that orders are packaged for the purpose of mitigating any risk of damages. Our goal is to ensure that each item arrives on time and ready for use. While these are our goals, we also understand that there are times when things don’t always go according to plan. We pledge to provide the very best solution to resolve any mishaps! To make a claim: We ask that all damages be reported within 48 hours, we ask that in your report you upload a photo of the said damaged item; along with the invoice in order for your claim to be honored.
  • Is Grandma Irma Sauces Vegan?
    None of our sauces claim to be vegan. We do carry a more healthier; Sugar-Free sauce, it is not vegan.
  • Where can I purchase the sauce?
    All of our sauce products are available for purchase on our website. We are partnering with retailers and will post your local stores soon!
  • Do you ship to the UK?
    Currently, we do not ship to the UK.
  • Is the sauce healthy?
    We do have some diet-relaxed flavors, but we also cater to our health conscious community as well by providing Sugar-Free options.
  • Why does my sugar-free crystallize after placing it in the refrigerator?
    The sugar-free flavors replace their sugar with Monk Fruit. Monk Fruit is a natural sweetener, but it crystallizes when chilled. This is a natural reaction and It is not harmful. To resolve, Please reheat the sauce and the Monk Fruit will liquify back to its normal form.
  • I’m missing an item / I received the wrong flavor…
    Contact us at within 48 hours of receiving the product. We sincerely apologize for any errors and will do our best to correct the error as quickly as possible! Please upload an image of your arrived product along with the invoice for your claim to be honored.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    Sorry! We currently do not ship out of the USA.
  • Do you have a rewards program?
    Yes, we do have serval rewards options; please see all rewards option by clicking the Rewards tab.
  • How can I become a part of the Grandma Irma Sauces direct sales program?
    Email to request a meeting.
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